Why Gibraltar Builders


Create a New Home and Remodeling company that serves people with excellence and is forward-looking in Service and Technologies. The bounty or fruits are used to help mankind.


To become a great construction company known for its willingness to serve others with integrity, transparency, excellence, and fun.

Why the name “Gibraltar”?

*Geographical Location Mediterranean AKA “The Pillars of Hercules”

About Our Founder

James Mayes CEO

Son of an Architect / Developer 

Grandfather Successful Entreprenuer – Paper product distribution Upstate NY

MBA international Finance and Marketing

Managed/Owned Multiple Developments UPS/DOWNS etc 500+ housing units since 2000

Formed Gibraltar Builders in 2017 As LLC/Partnership. – Since I Bought all Members / Partners out

Started with 100,000 investment grown to produce 50+ projects/homes per year

Our Core Values


Be open and honest in communication with the customer, critical items like timelines, costs, missed dates, or even errors that you or the company made.

Servant Leadership

Be willing to serve others, including, customers, other employees, strangers. There is power in “YES”. Give back.


Always be willing and able to “own’ your work. Communicate often, be willing to address errors and celebrate excellence.


Do things that you are proud of. Act like an owner.

Have Fun

Enjoy your work, make Jokes , Laugh Daily etc.

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